CYC South Central Golf
Athlete Parent Expectations & Sportsmanship Policy

How I Can Help My Child’s Athletic Experience

  1. Allow your child to perform and progress at a level consistent with their ability.
    Athletes mature at different ages and some are more gifted than others.
  2. Teach your child to enjoy the thrill of competition and that improving skills and
    attitude are important.
  3. Don’t relive your athletic life through your child! This creates added pressure that your child does not need. This is your child’s experience, let them enjoy it.
  4. Remember, young athletes tend to exaggerate when being praised and/or criticized.
    Temper your reaction until you investigate.
  5. An athlete's self-confidence and self-image will be improved by support at home.  Comparison to others is discouraged. Encourage the athlete to do their best regardless of family or friends who may have been outstanding players.

What a Parent & Spectator CAN DO during a match:

  1. Walk with the group
  2. Respectfully cheer
  3. Help identify location of a golfer’s shot (by pointing or gesturing)
  4. Carry a jacket, water bottle, umbrella, and other items for a player
  5. Help kids play safely

What a Parent & Spectator CAN NOT do during a match:

  1. Offer advice on club selection or technique (This means NO coaching)
  2. Touch a players ball
  3. Tend the pin
  4. Keep official score for the player or group
  5. Carry a player’s bag or equipment
  6. Display bad conduct

Conduct that draws unwanted attention to oneself usually leads to embarrassment for your child. Please keep their well-being in mind at all times. Don’t jeopardize losing the opportunity to watch your child participate.


The CYC South Central Golf District recognizes the importance of emphasizing GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP in all aspects of school related activities. With this in mind, the following are fundamentals of good sportsmanship in all activities that the district urges fans, spectators, participants, staff members, and parents to follow:

  1. Gain an understanding and appreciation for the rules of the game.
  2. Exercise positive behavior at all times.
  3. Recognize and appreciate skilled performances regardless of affiliation.
  4. Exhibit respect for the opponents and officials at all times.
  5. Openly display pride in your actions at every opportunity.

Unacceptable behavior shall include, but not be limited to, the following types of conduct. Such conduct will result in removal from the activity:

  1. Insubordination to on course coordinators, coaches, or other school personnel supervising the activity.
  2. Fighting, intimidation of, or attempt to intimidate, or taunting of referees, coaches, players, participants, or spectators.
  3. Throwing debris or littering the playing field or facility.
  4. Verbal abuse or use of profane or obscene words or gestures during a game or activity.
  5. Disruptive behavior or conduct.

CYC South Central Golf will not tolerate any violations of the above. Good sportsmanship is expected from everyone before, during, or after any golf contest.

Violations of any of the above “ATHLETE PARENT EXPECTATIONS” & "FUNDAMENTALS OF GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP" guidelines will result in the following consequences:

  1. Immediate removal from the golf match or activity.
  2. Upon investigation by CYC South Central, CYC Sports Administration, and the
    administration of the parish/school involved the violator(s) may be suspended from activities for a period up to one year depending upon the severity of the infraction.