Golf Program Information

Learn important program information for scheduling and substituting your matches, as well as important information related to scoring your matches.

Match Scheduling/Program Information

  • Almost 900 kids participate in this great program.
  • We do not/cannot schedule around other sports or activities (CYC or not), vacations, spring breaks, etc.
  • With a program so large we are challenged with three main things: clinic/golf pro capacity, course availability/capacity and volunteerism. We just do not have the capability to deal with 900 individual schedules/conflicts.

Substitution Policy

  • It is expected that all golfers play with their designated teams at the scheduled times list on the website.
  • If you cannot make a scheduled time you may play at a different time with a team of the same gender. Your make-up round MUST be played at the same course and on the same holes you missed.
  • You do not need to prearrange a sub-round. We do a good job of finding a home for the kids that show up.
  • Also substitutions can only happen during times when matches are scheduled. You cannot play at any other time and expect your scores to be used in the rankings described below.

Scoring Rules and Policy

  • After the completion of a round it is up to the designated parent leader FOR EACH TEAM at the course to gather all the scorecards and translate these scores to a scoring sheet located in the clubhouse.
  • If you are playing a sub round it is up to the individual kid/parent to make sure that scorecard is translated onto a scoring sheet as well. There is a section on the scoring sheet to add these sub rounds. These can be added to any sheet at the end of the round.
  • If a scorecard does not get translated to a scoring sheet it will not be counted in the scoring system.
  • When we calculate an individual’s score we will take the top 5 out of 6 scores to determine a kids score and ranking.
  • A golfer is allowed 2 sub rounds for the individual standings to replace missed rounds and both of these scores can be used to calculate the player's final standing. A golfer may not use a sub-round to try to better a score that was earned during regulation play.
  • If a child does not have 5 rounds played we will fill in the rest of the scoring sheet with a max score for the unplayed rounds based on the course or courses that were not played.
  • The team scoring will be determined by taking the 5 best individual scores PER WEEK to come up with a weekly team score. All 6 weeks of team scores will be added together to come with a total team score. Individual Sub Rounds DO NOT COUNT toward team scores.
  • A golfer is given a max score of 4 Over Par for each hole for their round. We have courses that are Par 27 through Par 36.