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South Central CYC Junior Golf



June 19th
Pheasant Run Golf Course
O'Fallon, MO

Here are the tee times for the Districts for this coming Saturday.

✅Check-in will be set up in the Pro Shop.

✅Only the Team Manager/ Coach will check in his team.

✅We will have a CYC course manager on each tee to go over the rules with the teams and act as the Starter for that tee (each team manager-lead-coach will pair their teams for the time slots issued to them and group together with another team in that slot)

✅Scoring will be in the back Banquet Room of the clubhouse - Only CYC staff, players, and Team Manager/Coach are allowed in the Scoring Room.

8th Grade Boys #1

1:04 St Charles - South Central
1:12 St Charles - South Central
1:20 St Charles- West County
1:28 St Charles- West county
1:36 South Central - West Co
1:44 South Central - West Co

7th Grade Boys #1
2:00 St Charles - South Central
2:08 St Charles - South Central
2:16 St Charles - South Central
2:24 St Charles - South Central
2:32 North Co- West Co
2:40 North Co- West Co
2:48 North Co-West Co
2:56 North Co- West Co

8th Grade Girls #1
3:12 St Charles -West Co
3:20 St Charles- West Co
3:28 St Charles - West Co
3:36 St Charles- West Co
3:44 North Co - South Central
3:52 North Co - South Central
4:00 North Co - South Central
4:08 North Co - South Central

7th Grade girls #1
4:16 St Charles -West Co
4:24 St Charles - West Co
4:32 St Charles - West Co
4:40 St Charles - West Co

6th Grade Boys #10
1:04 South Central - St Charles
1:12 South Central - St Charles
1:20 South Central -St Charles
1:28 West Co- North Co
1:36 West Co- North Co
1:44 West Co- North Co
1:52 West Co- North Co

5th Grade Boys #10
2:08 St Charles -North Co
2:16 St Charles- North Co
2:24 St Charles - North Co
2:32 St Charles - North Co
2:40 South Central - West Co
2:48 South Central - West co
2:56 South Central - West co
3:04 South Central - West co

6th Grade Girls #10
3:12 St Charles -West Co
3:20 St Charles - West Co
3:28 St Charles - South Central
3:36 St Charles - South Central
3:44 West Co - South Central
3:52 West Co - South Central

5th Grade girls #10
4:08 St Charles - South Central
4:16 West Co - South Central
4:24 St Charles - West Co
4:32 West Co - South Central
4:40 St Charles -West Co

Golf Solutions

Fun, Safe and Educational

CYC South Central Golf creates a fun and educational reason to go outside and play. With instruction, rules, practice, and game play, you will be ready "swing the sticks" in Spring and beyond. Parents can rest easy knowing that CYC Golf has been designed with your child's well-being in mind.

Pet Solutions

Play the Game, Align the Attire

While CYC Golf does not have required uniforms like other CYC sports, it does have dress code and etiquette standards that should be followed. Branded attire from your specific parish may be available so check with your athletic associations. Learn more about golf dress code and etiquette.

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